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Grandmothers favourite CZ/DE
(modern creative, impro, auto-composition)

Post modern sudoku jazz

To mistake is the only chance for something new to happen and therefor isn’t a mistake.

Unrehearsed, impolite, unwashed, charismatic, vicious sounds from the pit.

Instant compositions. The naive glorification of improvising the new.

Drums, no input mixer, prepared objects, feedback fun, vocals, recorder - Jakub Švejnar

Guitar, synth, fx, vocals, tape - Daniel Bierdümpfl

Daniel is a former luthier of plucked & bowed string Instruments, he studied time based & interactive media arts at the UFG Linz AT and works as a free lance artist in the fields of music, performance, poetry, film & photography. Even though he is an autodidact in music he was nominated along five other finalists for the Oe1 Jazz scholarship 2023. He works voluntarily for Raumschiff Linz as a curator, sound tech. & production with a focus on contemporary, improvised and off-genre music & performance. Sometimes he might play a song, a beautiful melody or phrase, but more and more he aspires to sound like an old washing machine reciting love poems. Just a playful interdisciplinary interest in reformulating the vocabulary of an instrument but still be understood in some way.

Jakub Švejnar is a drummer, percussionist and improviser. Born in Zlín in 1995, he started playing the drumset at the age of 13 and moved to Prague to study at the conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek. During his studies, he developed a more experimental approach to playing and moved towards free improvisation, which became his main focus. Apart from the drumset, Jakub uses various percussion, objects, no-input mixer and voice. He’s an up-and-coming player on the Prague improvisation and jazz scene and is member of bands such as Jungle Debris, Grandmothers Favourite, Pudlax, Uthando, Pátra/Švejnar and Dust In The Groove. He premiéred new-music compositions with ensembles/composers: Dust in the Groove (Michal Wróblewski – Game no.5), PMP Ensemble (Anthony Braxton – Trillium X), Petr Hora - The Theatrical Stroll of a Diamond Spider, Elia Morreti (Once Enea Stuck a Seed In My Ear), Timotheé Quost (A Tool Is A Tool) and also coolaborates with performance and dance theather ensembles – Špatné divadlo, Me-Sa Company and Divadlo Continuo.








Adrian Dozetas & the charlatans of wisdom 
                                          (domestic poetry & galatic music) 

....is a project based on texts of Adrian Dozetas, improvised music and performative spontaneous madness. To agitate, contact, touch & the audience’s soul. 




DonauVerhau AT/DE/IT (Jazz manouche, gypsy Jazz)

...is an enchanting conglomerate of musical fisher*wo*man reaching for the poetics of every metaphorical river floating on this planet.

DonauVerhau is an international group of musicians from Austria, Italy and Germany living in Linz (Austria) by its eponym;
the beautiful river Danube. Just like the Danube, which crosses all over Europe and is connecting various cultures along the way (in fact more than any other river on earth), the Bands aspiration is to interconnect cultures musically and lyrically all along its fluid journey. 

The musicians take you on an acoustic ship ride through Jazz Standards, original compositions and other musical genres.
Attempting a modern turn on Gypsy Jazz, the group is trying to push borders and stigmas within the scene of the genre by enriching it with all of the groups nationalities and diverse musical portfolios.

The group allready featured & played concerts with artists like; Enji Erkhem , Eva Scholten , Tomas Novak etc.

Sophie Vierbauch - Vocals
Daniel Bierdümpfl - Guitar , vocals
Federico Perinelli - Double bass , vocals
Aron Hollinger - Guitar , vocals



{LOW_LEVEL_LITERATURE} DE/AT (experimental, impro)

Reading and writing the unwritten onto digital papyrus Deciphering the unintentionalCareful assembly of invisible particlescreating audible pavementswalked upon & forgotten
piece by piece, invisible mosaics

Low level literature is a Pd ( PureData ) based live-music project.

Ben Wesch is an electronic musician, Guitarist, Oud player & researcher in the field of spatial audio, creating new synthesis methods and postdigital instruments at the Tangible Music Lab in Linz.

Daniel Bierdümpfl is a Linz AT based autodidact jazz musician, composer & improviser who studied arts at UFG Linz.

Ben Wesch - Electronics
Daniel Bierdümpfl - guitar, fx, prepared sounding objects



Collective Composing is a project for the mediation and promotion of contemporary music.

In a blitz workshop, a simple, already formulated graphic notation method was presented in order to subsequently provide the audience with a small "vocabulary book" of the notation method, a sheet of paper and, of course, a pen for composing. Everyone was invited to draw their own spontaneous composition using graphic notation, which then was distributed to the musicians. Over the course of the evening, several improvised mini-compositions were be created and played, for which the audience, in the nearest sense of the word, is drawn responsible.

premiered 27.10.23 at BestOFF BoardOFF at UFG L_nz AT          ↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎

Emilija Veljković – Cello
Radoš Veljković – Viola
Iradi Luna – Double Bass
Nika Jeraj – Transverse Flute
Tetiana Bykova – Accordion

Sound - Mehmet Çolak