succesfull chef apprenticeship drop out

lutherie apprenticeship for plucked and bowed string instruments HTBLA Hallstatt 2010 - 2015

freelance artist in the field of music, performance, choreography, poetry, theater, luthery of plucked and bowed instruments, carpentry, film and photography

umpire at Initiative Raumschiff from 2019 - 2020 & still curator - Linz Austria

barely present adjunct student at Anton Bruckner University of music 2018 - 2019

timebased and interactive media art at Art University Linz, AT 2019 - 2023

guitar teacher at MSG Music School 2023, Bad Hall AT 

one of five finalists for the Oe1 Jazzstipendium 2023

production BestOff BoardOff Festival 2023 

wood related jobs:

experimental archeology, reconstroction & documentation work for Universität Wien with Wolfgang Lobisser

lutherie & restauration for Nuppi Jenner, Johannes Schuricht, Orpheon Foundation (Jose Vasques)

carpentry with Babi & Arnold Lobisser

scientific research for the Amati Inch Project on Stradivari Violins & other historical musical instruments with Kunsthistorisches Musuem Wien, Museo del Violino Cremona and the museé de la musique in Paris

publifications/Published in:

»blaupausenaffin« poetry book 2020
»Annoch« Anthologie, Plackscheißerei Berlin 2020


Mühlenrauschen Festival 2018, St.Veit AT

Gypsy Jazz Tage 2018, Munich DE

Waldlesungsviertel 2018, AT 

JazzTM Festival 2019, Timișoara RO

TanzTag20 aswell as TanzTag21, Vienna AT

Speakers corner SOHO Festival Ottakring 2020 vienna AT

Kultursommer Wien 2023, Vienna AT

Plasterspektakel 2021/23, Linz AT 

AEC ARS ELECTRONICA Festival 2023, Linz AT 

Monochrom ARSE ELECTRONICA Festival 2023, Linz AT

art performances/theater/choreography:

Choreography premiere “Tanzlos Glücklich” live at Raumschiff, Linz AT 2019

poetry performance tour in cooperation with Onisim Lungu (nominated newcomer of the year poetry RU) and Adrian Dozetas (ARG) in Rumania and Austria 2019

»what happend after caravaggio killed tomassoni« live at Raumschiff, Linz AT 2019

performative city guide premiere “Innere Ohnmacht” live in Linz AT 2020

»Run with the hare & hunt with the hounds« live at Raumschiff, Linz AT 2021

»Audible Mind« dance piece for TanzTag21, Vienna AT 

»The History of Oral Sex«  -  performative lecture, Initiave Raumschiff, Linz AT 2022

contemporary lecture “Brief Introduction to the History of Oral Sex”, Sexponential, ARSE Electronica Festival, Dh5 Linz AT 2023

written portraits with Adrian Dozeats 2022/2023/2024


Delphian Gallery open call Winner 2019 - Exibihtion the print space london march 28th 2019

exhibition »Sommerausstellung Schlossmuseum Linz« 2020

public exhibition curated by Jianan Qu at fluc + fluc Wanne in collaboration with Smirna Kulenovic 2020/21

Group exhibition “meta absent”, DH5, Linz AT 2023


artist in residency 2022 Egon Schiele art center Krumau CZ
residency September 2024 with Ruud Voesten & Wietse Voermans - “Genius Loci“ Batavierhuis Rotterdam NL 

music for:

“Nicht die Regel” (Film über Endometriose) 2019 with Posh & Prude 
“Königin der Nacht” Film - Jasmin Hirtl 2021
Brotsüchtig Jingle mit Rosa Fürpaß 2024 

band History:

Yamandu Fuchs Quartet  (World music, folklore) 2015 - 2020
Daniel Bierdüpfl Trio  (Gypsy jazz) 2019
Unterbau Jazz Ensemble  (Gypsy Jazz) 2019
Fourchestra  (Gypsy Jazz) 2019-2021
Posh & Prude  (Pop) 2021
Trio Medialuna  (Tango, Milonga) 2021
Pumn de Țărână Band  (Folk, Pop, Hip Hop) 2020
Gybravarisil  (Gypsy Jazz) 2020-2022

DonauVerhau  (Modern Gypsy Jazz) 2022
Shanghai Inflation Cooperation  (8 bit Jazz) 2022
Grandmothers favourite  (free impro, modern jazz) 2022
{Low_Level_Literature}  (free impro, electronics, noise) 2022 
Daniel Bierdümpfl Solo (weird music) 2022
Ritornell  (Ambient, experimental) 2020
GIS ORCHESTRA (Free Impro) 2024