photography, Istanbul

A fishing rod kissing the Bosphorus

out of twenty million people living here

many fish for fun

More and more boats

Climate change pushes some fish in deeper waters

Soon we’ll even disturb the drowned garbage

with hooks

We will, by accident,

clean the ocean

in search for fish

What remains but a fishing line and the ocean

we are half way there

Istanbul's population is growing (estimated 20.000.000 people) and so is the number of fishers on the Bosphorus. The regulations on the size of fish are usually not obeyed. Shipping traffic has increased and people still throw a lot of their waste into the 32 km long strait. All this has led to a drastic decline in fish population. Comparing the fish stocks of today with those of the 1980s and 1990s, there has been a decline of more than 50 percent. 50 percent away from symbolically cleaning the ocean from everything. What remains but a fishing line and the ocean. We are half way there.